Oh Love, why are you elusive
why do you avoid me so?
Are you afraid to touch the end of my finger
and burn yourself?
Are you scared to look in my eye and see
that it is you hidden there?

{ Annahoj


The entertainer

I entertain myself with others.
I live, I laugh, I enjoy, I smile
I go out
I go to work
I have fun
I enjoy.
I go about,
but amidst this,
all that I am thinking is you.
Every morning I wake up,
and I must push you to the back of my head
and I feel bad.
Then I go about.
In the night I lie awake
wondering when you’ll ever come again
and I wish.
Every news of a falling star,
I go outside and wait.
And I wish.
I wish for you.

{ Annahoj Sig }